Windermere United Kingdom  

 Windermere United Kingdom


In the shire county of Cumbria you will the town and civil parish of Windermere. You will find that Windermere is located about 1 kilometer away from Lake  United Kingdom Oriental Supermarket  Windermere and the town of Bowness-on- Windermere is not too far from Windermere town. As both of these towns are located close to the lake and the surrounding countryside is quite beautiful you will find this town the perfect place to rest and relax.

As you explore this town and the surrounding countryside you will find there is a number of activities to do and interesting places to explore. Nature lovers will enjoy coming to Windermere as you can see the beauty of the countryside without having to travel too far. History wise the town of Windermere is a part of Westmoreland. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the surrounding countryside you will find there are some interesting places that you can visit while you are in Windermere.

Of the various sights you can see while you are in Windermere you will find the Windermere Railway Station to be an interesting place to visit. Of course you may find it more convenient to see the interesting sight in this station if you are not in a hurry. Here you will find there is a Booths supermarket where you can buy various items which may be useful for you during and after your train journey. This supermarket which can be seen in the railway station grounds has been designed to mimic the former train shed thus incorporating the frontage of the original Windermere Railway Station.

On the other hand you may find some of the natural sights of Windermere to be more exciting than looking at this train station. For these natural beauties you should travel to Belle Isle. Here in this wooded island which is situated in Lake Windermere you will be able to look at an island which was landscaped in the 18th and 19th centuries. The island of Belle Isle is about one mile long. It is the longest island which has been landscaped by man in the Lake Windermere area.

Another great place that you might want to visit while you are here in that of Orrest Head. This is a fabulous viewpoint which was made extremely popular by the poet William Wordsworth. During Victorian times this viewpoint was quite popular with a number of visitors. When you visit this viewpoint you will be able to see the reason. From gazing at the surrounding countryside from Orrest Head you should see about visiting Brockhole.




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