US Pool – How the Match Evolved

 US Pool – How the Match Evolved


Billiards has always been a very trendy match right from its inception. However the recognition of the match must be credited to a man called John Thurston who actually made  Ligapools  the match well liked all over the world. The match that was the trademark of the hierarchy and the elite in the eighteenth century has gone through many modifications.

However the term Billiards is very contextual and its meaning varies from place to place. Anglican referred to this very well liked match of Snookers as the sophisticated and classy Billiards.

Many residents of United Kingdom feel that the match was predominantly Anglican in nature. The match of Billiards is played with the trademark white, spot white and the coveted red ball where a person has to hit the balls in the right pockets. There are points for those who can hit the balls into the pockets. The match is always played on a twelve feet table. Besides the large billiard-table, the balls and the cue stick the match has very few requirements.

Billiards as previously mentioned often refers to the context in which the match is played. There are many ball matches played on a table, which people commonly refer to the match of Billiards. Thus the term is often used to incorrectly describe all matches played on a table with balls. England got really hooked onto the match of Snookers in the eighty’s but it was actually in the late nineteenth century that the match became truly important in India as the country was strongly influenced by England.

There are many dissimilarities between the US and Anglican format of the match. Though the nuances of the match are pretty much the same, there are some differences as well. To understand the match one must know the details of the match as played in the eighteenth century. The history of that area was extremely eventful as the era belonged to Napoleon – the greatest emperor France had ever seen, the coming of the momentous Industrial Revolution and the efficient King George on the throne of England.



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