Space Fortress – Online Game Guide – Fortress, Weapons, Perks and More!



Space Fortress is a novel Strategy Shooting match-up. It isn’t very much like any ordinary Shooter game, this game has a touch of everything across the board. It has –


*Shooting adversaries on an obscure planet.


*Utilize an assortment of weapons available to you.


*Redesigns for weapons to make them all the more impressive.


*The capacity to fabricate a fort 350 Legend ammo for sale  you to shield yourself from the attacking floods of outsider species.


*Numerous Fortress overhaul choices and the capacity to add programmed Turrets to your fort!


*Employ different Mercenaries warriors to help you in your fight.


*Additional Premium Advantages gave by means of MochiCoins (on the off chance that you have some extra money).


*Furthermore, ultimately, Perks are accessible for your personality to expand your survivability, power and other enormous moves up to propel your post.


Initial feelings


Getting going, the game appears to be somewhat sluggish, with its instructional exercise, slow influxes of beginning foes and not much to do with your fundamental gun and no fort. In any case, after the initial not many waves, the games turns into significantly more profound with more to do, more choices get opened to you, and the game begins to open up to its high capability of tomfoolery.




You can either utilize the W,A,S,D keys or Arrow Keys <-^ – > to move you character about.


We found it best to utilize W,A,S,D and afterward you can focus on pointing with your mouse.


Number keys 1-0 can be utilized to change between your ongoing prepared weapons.


Esc Key – Options Menu

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