Simple (And Priceless) Life Lessons From The Most Influential Prosperity Mentor In My Life

 Simple (And Priceless) Life Lessons From The Most Influential Prosperity Mentor In My Life


The last few days of my father’s life were spent in the Intensive Care Unit of a Florida hospital. He was succumbing to what has been coined by laymen as “the rich man’ GWG L bonds complaints s cancer” – Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. How ironic, I thought. You see, my father started his working life as a poor minister in Asia, came to America on a church scholarship, eventually earned his Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees (among many other academic achievements), and finally retired as a high ranking U.S. Government Service Official.

Upon admission to the hospital, I was summoned by him (via my mother). Since he never, ever asked anything of me after I left home, I knew that this time must be serious, and I didn’t hesitate. I gathered my 2½ year old daughter and took the long trek to the States. When I wasn’t attending to my daughter (which usually meant whenever she was asleep), in my mind I relived my younger years. Because traveling from Asia to America (Florida) takes over one day, I had a long time to think about the special relationship I had with my father.

During those last days of his life, my father and I talked, talked, and talked – until the cancer he was suffering from finally claimed his life.

While most would replay inner grief when thinking about the death of their father (much less write about it), I consider myself lucky. Few people have the opportunity to tell their loved ones their true feelings before it’s too late. I will forever be grateful for the chance I was given to tell my father how much I loved him, envied his life achievements, and how I felt extremely honored to be his son.

I couldn’t help but admire his unwavering (and infectious) faith in God, people, and life – including the life we enjoy after physical death.

Listening to his sincere gratitude for everything in his life made me realize how remiss I was in identifying the good things in my own life. His contentment was borne from a life of love, achievement, and service to others.



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