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 Patagonia Backpacks for Women

 Patagonia Backpacks for Women



As an eager explorer and biker, my sweetheart at that point and I would frequently require day long trips, every one of us alternating conveying “the knapsack” hauling our fundamentals. It wasn’t until some other time, by some coincidence, I found the happiness regarding conveying a rucksack that really fits me – a 5 foot, 3 inch ladies weighing around 110 pounds.


My closest companion and I chose to go climbing together and she was hauling a Violeta 25L, one of the models of Patagonia knapsacks Best Backpack For Dogs planned explicitly for ladies. Patagonia offers two packs made for more limited middles; the Violeta 25L and the Cascada 30L.


Aside from the more limited middle, these sacks accompany a lot of pockets to put together each of a lady’s fundamental things just as the additional items.


The Violeta 25L has a solitary compartment with a cushioned PC sleeve that holds generally 15″ workstations, outside stuff pocket and a lot of conveying choices. This pack is accessible in no less than five shading decisions. The outside estimation are 19″ x 11″ x 7.75″/1526 cu. in. volume and gauging one pound six ounces.


The Cascada 30L is a two-compartment load with a cushioned PC sleeve fitting generally 17″ workstations, outside shock rope and once more, many conveying choices. Cascada 30 L is 1831 cu. in. volume and measures around 19″ x 12.5″ x 9.5″ and gauges one pound, eleven ounces.


The Yerba 22L and the Chacabuco 32L are additionally famous packs claimed by all kinds of people. Be that as it may, the Yerba has a back length of 19 inches, making it excessively huge for most ladies under 5′ 11″.


Contingent upon your construct and the size knapsack you require, Patagonia additionally delivers the Poco 12L and the Poco Mas 15L. Model 12L weighs 11.8 ounces and the 15L is 14.7 ounces. Beside being more affordable than different models, these packs were planned in light of children so the flexible lashes have somewhat more space for gathering or growing.

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