Nail Salon: Better Safe Than Sorry

 Nail Salon: Better Safe Than Sorry


The probability of getting an infection at a nail salon is very low, but all it takes is one such incident for you to desire that you have been more circumspect in choosing a salon.  nail salon lonudonville The most probable infections that you can contract while availing the services of a nail salon include nail fungus, bacterial infection, plantar warts caused by human papillomavirus that infects the sole, or toes of the foot, and herpes. Being informed makes you safer and allows you to make an educated evaluation if your salon is following the right procedure to avoid contacting and spreading infection.

Keeping those cuticles is your first order of the day. There is no rule in the book nor does it say in any beauty magazines that nails with cuticles removed are more aesthetically appealing than those that have cuticles intact. The cuticle is your nail’s natural defense against bacterial infection. It is better to let your cuticles perform their duty and for you to leave them alone as they are. If you insist, you can push them back a little by using an orange stick covered at its tip with cotton.

You should not feel any pain while having your nails groomed. Inform the technician if your manicure or pedicure hurts. Any pain that you feel can be caused by a small opening wound in the skin or some damage between your nail and skin that can be the way for infection to come in.

Bringing your own tools to the salon will greatly reduce your risk of being infected. You should buy your own nail tools, both the metal instruments and the non-metallic ones. Be sure to clean your steel instruments with hydrogen peroxide before using them. Products that cannot be sterilized should be used only once and be disposed of immediately after use. Do not allow razors, credo blades and other nail salon tools that can cut your skin to be used in grooming your nails. It is safer to use your own tools to prevent the spread of bacteria.



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