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 Mobile Detail Systems

 Mobile Detail Systems


If you are in the mobile detailing business or you are considering starting a mobile car wash or a mobile detailing business than perhaps you have consider which is the best Ceramic Coatings  mobile detail system to buy. There are so many too choose from is hard to decide. There are many web sites, which have mobile detailing systems and they are quite competitive.

In reviewing all of these different mobile detailing systems often it is best to buy from a local vendor if possible because then you will have someone to back it up with service if something breaks or goes wrong. I have heard horror stories where new entrants into the mobile detailing business have ordered fancy equipment only to have a broken in shipment. Of course it was guaranteed that they had to pay $500 to ship it back.

When considering a mobile detailing system you will need the basic components; a pressure washer, a plastic water tank, a hose reel, a wand and gun, a storage box, a buffer and a complete line of products to get you through your first month. Most of the people that sell turnkey systems for the mobile detailing industry have all of these things.

How much can you expect to spend? Well, I have seen prices from $30,000 down to $795 and it makes sense to shop around and get what is best for you. Perhaps you already own a pickup truck and you will put the equipment inside? If so perhaps a small skit unit might be the best for you or perhaps you want to tow a trailer mo



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