Mafia Wars Best Weapons – Short List of the Very Best Weapons

Mafia Wars Best Weapons – Short List of the Very Best Weapons

While you’re playing Mafia Wars you wont get far without serious areas of strength for an of weapons. It is perhaps the main thing if you have any desire to succeed. This joined with a decent system in addition to a brilliant arrangement and you have yourself a generally excellent recipe on the most proficient method to succeed at mafia wars.


To extend you really want to assault and consistently get to the next level. The best opportunities for you to win an assault is to have the best weapons. That’s all there was to it. You can be fortunate obviously, yet you will constantly have a great opportunity on the off chance that you got the best and most grounded weapons out there.


As I said before; to prevail in Mafia Wars, having great 5.7×28 ammo  is essential. We need to consider two things when we discuss the best weapons in Mafia Wars; protective and hostile


The following are a short top-5 rundown of Mafia Wars Best Weapons:


Hostile and going after focuses in enclosures


Spear Cannon (88)

Sets of Typhoon Cleavers (70)

Cazador Assault Rifle (60)

Detonating Teddy Bear (55)

Avispa Machine Gun (54)

Cautious and guarded focuses in enclosures


Sets of Typhoon Cleavers (112)

ZPR Pulemut (65)

People in love (53)

Widow Maker (52)

Spear Cannon (51)

Dark Widow (51)

These are the best weapons in the game. Then you have a ton of different weapons who are exceptionally near be essentially as strong as these in the main 5 rundown. Those different weapons can likewise be extremely, strong and near those in the main 5 rundown, yet not as strong.


My idea is that you get a handle on these weapons in this main 5 rundown if you have any desire to be in the gathering of the world class in Mafia Wars. I got them all and I am truly kicking some serious ass in the game at the present time.

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