Jamie Gold – 2006 World Series of Poker Champ


Jamie Gold didn’t begin as a poker player. As a matter of fact, he began a profession in the diversion business at the young age of 16, filling in as an assistant for the esteemed firm of J. Michael Bloom and Associates Talent Agency in New York City.


In the wake of finishing secondary school, Jamie went to the University of New York at Albany and graduated with distinction. Subsequently, he promptly moved to LA in 1991 to concentrate on diversion regulation at UCLA, and he immediately protected a task with ICM Talent Agency. He had turned into an undeniable headhunter by the age of 21.


He later moved to Harter Manning Woo Talent Agency and started to foster his ability for tracking down youthful obscure specialists and propelling their vocations. In 1989, 1990, and 1991, he was chosen as the main understudy instructor of The Graduate Theater program at SUNY, Albany.


In something like two years, he was the top of HMW’s Motion Picture/TV Department, and in 1994 he helped to establish the administration firm of Gold/Bouchard. Continuously hoping to work on himself, Gold began another endeavor in 1996 called JMG Management.


Gold’s rundown of current and previous clients peruses like a’s who of PG SLOT Hollywood: Jimmy Fallon (Saturday Night Live, Fever Pitch), James Gandolfini (The Sopranos, Get Shorty), Lucy Liu (Charlie’s Angels, Kill Bill), Brandy (Moesha), Donnie Wahlberg (Saw II, The Sixth Sense), Kristin Davis (Sex and the City), Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives, Transamerica), David Straitharn (Good Night and Good Luck, LA Confidential), poker legend Johnny Chan, and many, numerous others.


Notwithstanding his situation as a top headhunter and maker, Gold is additionally an adjudicator for quite some time industry entertainment pageants, for example, the Cable Ace Awards, The Sundance Film Festival, and the Toronto Film Festival.


In 2005, Gold started playing in live-occasion poker competitions consistently. Amazingly, he won his first major No Limit Texas Hold’em competition that very year, procuring $54,225 at the Bicycle Casino. Over the course of the following year, Gold would proceed to complete in the cash seven additional times in California-held competitions.


In 2006, Gold turned into the head of creation at Buzznation and started chipping away at a few TV projects (counting one likely named “The Unnamed Johnny Chan and Chris Moneymaker Show.” He is focused on these activities through 2008.


At the 2006 World Series of Poker headliner (No Limit Texas Hold’em), Gold showed strong play all through, driving the field in chips throughout the previous a few days of the competition. He outlived 8,772 different players to bring back home an extraordinary great award of $12,000,000. At the last table, Gold by and by killed 7 of his 8 rivals.


Dan Nassif broke out in the initial 20 minutes of play when he bet everything with an ace and ruler, and the failure uncovered an unremarkable five, three and two. Gold, in any case, was holding pocket twos, providing him with a three-of-a-sort.


Gold next killed Swedish star Erik Friberg, when Friberg bet everything with a couple of jacks. However, as misfortune would have it, Gold had a couple sovereigns. To exacerbate the situation, Gold hit one more sovereign on the stream.


Richard Lee was the close to be put out by Gold, as his pocket jacks neglected to overwhelm Gold’s pocket sovereigns. Then it was Rhett Butler’s move, as he bet everything with pocket fours. Gold called with a pocket ruler and jack, then, at that point, hit one more jack for the higher pair.


Michael Binger took fourth spot, as Gold’s unsatisfactory three and four transformed into a straight.

Then, it was competition master Allen Cunningham’s chance to exit, as his pocket tens neglected to match Gold’s sets of jacks.


The last two contenders were Paul Wasicka and Gold. Wasicka bet everything with pocket tens, however Gold made a couple of sovereigns on the lemon and killed his last adversary.


Because of this success, Gold set a standard for live competition rewards and turned into the principal individual to procure more than $10,000,000 in competition poker. Quickly following the success, Gold got a telephone to impart the uplifting news to his dad, who couldn’t go to because of experiencing Lou Gehrig’s illness.


Gold at present lives in Malibu, California.

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