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 Does Chiropractic Work?

 Does Chiropractic Work?


Natural Remedies Questioned

Does Chiropractic Work? This is a question that is often heard from those who are on the fence wondering if they should try – usually as a last resort – chiropractic treatment.

It’s not been that man chiropractic works  y years ago when the validity of chiropractic treatments and chiropractors at large was under question. In the past 50 to 80 years, everything has moved under the microscope, so to speak.

As the medical world has become more and more symptom and prescription oriented, the more natural remedies have been discredited and cast aside. If it cannot be validated in a laboratory, or in a scientific study, it is often dismissed by the traditional medical world.

Prescription Drugs Mask Problems

It’s a known fact that the pharmaceutical companies and the American Medical Association work in tandem to undermine alternative medicine (such as chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathic, and naturopathic treatments). Sad to say, but money is the motive for such actions. It’s true that people who are well and healthy have little need for prescriptions or multiple doctor office visits.

What is even sadder is the fact that prescriptions drugs don’t work! At least they do not work to eliminate a physical malady. Drugs mask the problem and are often addictive. The patient takes a pill to lower cholesterol one day and then must take it again the next day, and the next and the next. So has the problem been taken care of? The real question should be: Does traditional medicine work?

The Newly Self-Educated Public

The good news is that due to the Internet and other mass communication, the general public is becoming more aware of viable alternatives to traditional medicine. They are stepping up to take full responsibility of their own health; they are becoming self educated. (And likewise, they want their children – the next generation – to do the same.)

Back to the original question: Does chiropractic work?

Chiropractors Do Not Treat Disease

In order to answer the question correctly, one must keep in mind that chiropractors do not treat disease. They do not treat symptoms. And they do not prescribe medicine. Their sole intent is to correct any nerve interference that may be present in the body.

This nerve interference is also known as subluxation. Such interference may h



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