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 Breaking News - Your Feelings Don't Matter - ajfdx

 Breaking News – Your Feelings Don’t Matter

 Breaking News – Your Feelings Don’t Matter


As deliberate creators we think we need to feel it to get it. We place a lot of emphasis on feeling it first or getting lined up with our feelings, because we think feelings Entertainment News  are the magic juice in creation. Science however, is beginning to paint a very different picture about the creation process.

We are all aware of the phenomenon called the observer effect. It basically shows that just by our observation we have an effect on the outcome. Generally speaking just the words observer effect are an oxymoron, because it’s impossible to observe without participating. Scientists will spend decades unraveling the meaning of the recent discovery of the Higgs Boson. However, what we know for sure is that what was theoretical physics a few months ago, is now hard science and in very simplistic terms we are focus machines. Feelings might be a byproduct of focus. They may be an indicator, however, they may not, and it doesn’t really matter. After all these years science is proving what deliberate creators have known all along. We create our reality. The curveball is, feelings are irrelevant.

Today I cleaned my whole dining room for one vase of flowers. Those flowers reminded me of flowers in English manors I’ve visited that came out of the gardens on the grounds. That oozes wealth to me. That focus gets me one step closer to wealth. Even if I’m not “feeling it” I can still navigate with my focus by looking for other things that represent wealth to me. Will that cause me to feel wealthy? Probably. However, even if I don’t, it doesn’t matter. Focus is the key.

For a lot of deliberate creators feelings can be sticky. We know how we want to feel, but we can’t always seem to wrangle those pesky emotions into behaving the way we want them too. Sometimes you feel bad and can’t shake it. Sometimes when we feel bad we worry about what we are creating.

A lot of emphasis on feelings is great when they are lining up, but when they don’t it’s frustrating. We get hyper-focused on trying to manage the feeling, and when it doesn’t work we feel like we won’t get where we want to go. However, the science says it doesn’t matter.

I in fact can be feeling a lot of worry about money, but if I’m focusing my attention on wealth, fresh flowers, fast cars, English manors, and such, my observation of wealth is what has an impact on matter around me. I can focus on how much money I have instead of how much I don’t have. I can focus on incredible love and the romance of a lifetime instead of loneliness. I can focus on health and a vibrant body instead of focusing on aches and pains or extra pounds. We know this stuff, and it might sound like I’m splitting hairs here, because chances are high if I’m really focused on these things I’ll feel better. But I don’t have to feel better for it to start navigating intentionally towards my next reality – and that’s all it is, my next reality, not a new reality or a whole different creation. We are always creating a new experience of reality. Noticing what we are noticing is how we deliberately get there.



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