Breaking Magnetic Symmetry, Let There Be Light (Part 3)

 Breaking Magnetic Symmetry, Let There Be Light (Part 3)


You may wonder why work CANNOT be harnessed from Permanent Magnets. Yes, the Universe does appear to be governed by a set of rules. But, guess what – we’ve hardly low voltage magnetic track lighting

downlight manufacturer  a clue what many of those actually are. Yes, Science is better than ignorance.

Accepting the premise that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It certainly can be reused over and over again. Energy is often not thought of in this fashion, it’s never consumed or “used up”. When you use energy to perform work, you either diverge or spread it out, change its form, or a combination of both.

You still have all the energy remaining, after the work has been accomplished. So by simply capturing and recycling that energy, you can re-use it again, it does re-converge. The Law of Entropy and classical Thermodynamics without reservation assume single-pass energy collection. This activity then would not violate the law; it would just violate an assumption. It would not apply to the collecting and reusing process.

A magnetic system can quite naturally collect energy from the same space simultaneously and over and over again. The emitted energy from the multi-collection process can be of a higher density than the operator is inputting. A coefficient-of-performance then would obviously be greater than one (COP>1) as measured by conventional means. The COP method of energy measurement is often confused with efficiency, which is inappropriate, and fails to correctly identify the performance.

We continue to use terms like “apparent” input of energy, which now should be reconsidered. Does a wind turbine or solar panel have no apparent input of energy?

Many also think that: “You cannot break the Lorentz Symmetry in your circuit or system, and thus violate the present Electrical Engineering Model, you will not, and cannot produce COP>1.0 via excess ‘free’ EM energy utilized from the vacuum.” I think Symmetry can be broken, replaced with anisotropy.



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