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 Blue Belle Terrace's Perfect Chocolate Cake - A Recipe - ajfdx

 Blue Belle Terrace’s Perfect Chocolate Cake – A Recipe

 Blue Belle Terrace’s Perfect Chocolate Cake – A Recipe


If one has ever been a regular Disneyland visitor they will know the true treat and pleasure of discovering that one trip when The River Belle Terrace is open. That beautiful little Frontierland restaurant that overlooks The Rivers of America is a child’s  cake disposable carts   dream. With that delicious taste of light and rich chocolate cake, I knew peace and heaven all put into one.

It’s like all the perfect views put into one. The twinkling blue waters of The Rivers of America radiate the sun and shine if for the whole park to see. Thunder Mountain rises from the ground to challenge all those who wish to dare the mines. The Golden Horseshoe Saloon beckons all those who wish to join in fun and laughter.

I can smell the water drifting over the sidewalk. It’s a smell that I will always associate with that place in time. Along with that came the smell of melted butter form the popcorn carts below, fried chicken wafts up from the fast service cart by the saloon, and the smell of Mexican food lingers from the base of the mountain.

The whistle of the steam boats calls us back to a past that we never knew. It’s a past where men road horses and packed weapons, and where ladies carried handkerchiefs and wore long dresses. Then the sound of laughter brings me to the present, where families are happy together and the screams are only those of thrills and not of fears.

I have the heart of an observer here. While there is the feeling of excitement and adventure in the air, I observe and feel peace. As a child I even know that this is what true happiness must be: peace within the heart of my excitement.

True bliss didn’t come completely until I bit into that cake. A perfect blend of gourmet and home-style cooking as only Disney could create. It’s a simple miracle to a small town child. Sweet and heavenly as my memory, it still calls to me. I have looked through many recipes to find that memory. That is until I found this one. I hope it helps find your special memory too:

“Blue Belle Terrace’s Chocolate Cake”*



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