Be Aware of the Early Warning Signs of Global Warming

 Be Aware of the Early Warning Signs of Global Warming


For many people, global warming is just a theory but others would call it a proven set of facts. Opinions differ strongly and we always need a proof before we believe.

Let me share some facts and decide for yourself if global warming is still a tell-tale of schemed lies. There are FINGERPRINTS of global warming. These are direct manifestations of a widespread and enduring trend toward warmer global temperatures The subsequent events are identified as global warming fingerprints:

Heat waves and periods of extraordinarily warm weather

Frequent and severe heat waves cause to increases in heat-related illnesses and death, especially in urban areas and among the ill, the elderly, the young, and the poor.

Ocean warming, coastal flooding and sea-level rise

Warmer temperatures, increase ocean heat content, and cause ocean water to expand. Mostly as a result of these effects, sea level globally has risen 4 to 10 inches over the past 100 years. Local land sinking and/or uplift due to geologic forces and coastal development will also affect the rate of coastal land loss.

Glaciers melting

Many glaciers at lower latitudes are now vanishing, and scientists predict that, under some possible warming scenarios, the majority of glaciers will be gone by the year 2100.

Arctic and Antarctic warming

Parts of Alaska, Canada, Siberia, and the Antarctic have been experiencing warming well above the global average for the past few decades. This development fits climate model predictions for a world with escalating levels of greenhouse gases.

What is Harbingers?

HARBINGERS are incidents that foreshadow the types of impacts likely to become more common and widespread with continued warming. And the following events are recognized as global warming harbingers:

Spreading disease

Most of us don’t know that warmer temperatures allow mosquitoes to extend their ranges and increase both their biting rate and their ability to infect humans. They transmit diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.

Earlier spring arrival

In many parts of the world spring now arrives earlier. Proof of this comes from earlier thaw dates for lakes and rivers; earlier dates for plant leafing and blooming; and earlier animal egg-laying, spawning and even migration.

Animal and plant range shifts and population changes



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