A Bird View of PC Screen Recorders

 A Bird View of PC Screen Recorders



A PC screen recorder is a kind of software which can record your PC desktop screen activity into video files. It enables you to record what’s happening on your PC iTop Screen Recoder

desktop screen, generating demonstration video right from your computer and publish online without any special skills. PC screen recorder is designed for software presentation and education industries at very first. Now it has been widely used into business, online marketing, training and many aspects of people’s lives.

Why PC screen recorder becomes so popular and what magic it performs? You will know the answer soon in the following few paragraphs of a bird view of PC screen recorders.

What can a PC screen recorder does?
The main usage of PC screen recorder is to record your desktop action in real time and save the whole process as video. Some programs can also allow you to record yourself via webcam as you explain or demonstrate something in front of your computer.

It can generate many video formats ranging from AVI, WMV and MPEG to MP4 and FLV which are commonly used for sharing video files on the Internet and on portable video devices. With some screen recorders, you can also create Flash movie as interactive animation video.

Why do you need PC screen recorder?
There will be thousands of reasons for you to have a try on screen recording software.

For software developers and art designers, you can record presentation videos to demonstrate features of your software or artwork.

For teachers and educators, you can record your lectures and lessons for online education and distance learning.

For small businessmen and companies, it’s a great choice of making product demo and training video to increase your business opportunities and building efficient team groups.

For family and entertainment, screen recording software provides stunning video for you to make funny video and record gameplay for YouTube and so on.

How do you choose PC screen recorder?
Standing on the different purposes of users and features the programs offer, the end users can be divided into two groups. For each group, there are some typical screen recording software you can make a choice to pick up from.

Commercial and educational uses: there’re many top level screen recorders which do not only record desktop activity but also allow you to add callout, animation and narration to enhance your video. With the powerful yet easy-to-use video editing features, this kind of programs can be ideal for business companies and colleges. Recommended: Camtasia, DemoCreator

Presentation and entertainment uses: getting free program is very economical for people w




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